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07 July 2013

Simple tips for attending interviews


Hi. This is maybe the first post i ever write in English. I am currently trying to balance this blog with Malays and English post (to practice my writing skills, hehe). So, basically today we are going to go through on how to attend an interview. A simple reminder, all of these tips came from my experiences and my observations. None of these are related to other person, so that if there's any similarities on what u guys have read, please be aware that it is just a coincidence. 

1. Be confident without overreacting

The first simple rule is to be confident with yourself. It is a must for everyone to be confident in interview session. There are several factors related to how can we build up our confidence level, like how comfortable u are in that session, how much experience u have and how u prepared yourself. Interviewers normally seek for someone who are confident enough to answer all their questions without being overreacting and also being so down or shy.

U just need to be confident while in the same time not overreacting with any of the question. One thing u need to remember, never admit that u know everything. It's just a normal thing for us to lack of a knowledge for the thing that we don't know. There're some interviewers who might just trying to see on how u answer, how much real experience u have, pretending like they don't know a thing about your previous career (well if u have any). So, just answer all the question in the range of your knowledge and experiences.

2. Do some research

Well, what i mean by research is not by doing thesis and so on, hehe. Just a simple research for the company is ok. This looks like not important at all, but it shows that u are really interested with the job. Normal interviews would end with question like, "Is there any question u want to ask?". Well, if u do some study for that company, the question can save u from looks like someone who actually don't have interest in the job.

3. Wear a proper attire

Well, this one depends on the job u applied. Most of the time, just wearing some simple formal attire will do. Of course, there's no need to wear some vest with tie if u are applying for the post of cleaner, or maybe a promoter, hehe. Just wear some proper attire suit to the post. The interviewer might not judging u based on the appearances, but still u need to show some initiative and professional attitude. 

4. Be punctual!

This one is important! U should be punctual to attend the interview. It's better if u can come earlier. Of course, no need to come an hour earlier. That's just wasting your time. No employers whose want to hire someone who come late to works. So, the first impression is important. Impress them with anything we can.

Those four are the tips that i can come out with. Just a simple tips for u guys to read. I hope this entry can help anyone who need it. It's my pleasure if this entry can help someone =).

*Credits to google image for the pictures.
*Malay version of this entry will come out soon, insyaAllah.
*Please mind my grammatical error, i'm just a noob in english writing, hehe.

03 July 2013



Masa lampau. Perkara paling jauh yang manusia ada. Naiklah kenderaan sepantas mana sekalipun, tiada satu pun yang dapat kembali ke masa lampau. Ramai yang menyangka, dia sentiasa ada masa untuk melakukan apa yang dimahukan mereka. Namun kita sebenarnya terlupa, betapa singkatnya masa yang kita ada untuk dibuang begitu sahaja.

Usah buang masa menangisi kesakitan semalam. Padam ia untuk mencari kesenangan hari esok. 
Usah buang masa mencari perkara yang jelas sia-sia, guna ia sebaiknya untuk buat hidup kita dan orang lain agar gembira.
Usah buang masa mengejar sesuatu yang bukan hak kita, sebaliknya hargai apa yang kita ada untuk memanfaatkan hidup ini sebaiknya.

Masa, hargailah masa.

*Amat memerlukan masa untuk memenuhkan ruang blog usang ini.

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